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The brand new acoustic album "Butterflies." 

1.) Thank You
2.) Butterflies
3.) Vagabond Sanctuary
4.) For My Child 
 5.) He's Your Brother
6.) My Dad
7.) Sixty Years Young
8.) Smile and Say Goodbye
9.) We Found Home

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 "A really superb CD...a definate must have" Rating 9/10  Rob Stanley, Midlands Rocks



Released 2012.


1.) Can't Slow Down
2.) Dust and Bones
3.) Little Miss Jealousy
4.) Believe In Me
5.) Stronger Than You Think
6.) Small Miracles
7.) Scars
8.) Tempted
9.) My Last Day
10.) Creepy


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 "Within the first 30 seconds I was turning the volume up" Blue Monday Monthly USA

The 4 track EP "How It Is" including the award nominated "Funky Mama's Kitchen Blues" Released 2010


1.) Funky Mama's Kitchen Blues
2.) My Perfect Man
3.) She's An Evil Woman (Live)
4.) I Won't Lie (Live)



"Definitely one for the collection" Rating 9/10 Paul Stiles, Blues in Britain

Clare's first album "Be Who You Are" which features a mix of blues, rock and country. Released 2010.


1.) Let Me Down Easy
2.) I Won't Lie
3.) Fool To Pride
4.) My Everything
5.) Is This Love I Feel?
6.) We Were Seventeen
7.) She's An Evil Woman
8.) Please Don't Say You Love Me
9.) Whenever You Need Me
10.) Time Of Our Lives



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