I am really pleased to say that my new single Sniper Fire is out now and available from all major download sites. It blends samples, loops, hip hop drum beats and programed sounds with live guitars and vocals.  I have wanted to make music like this for a long time and now I have had the chance to do so and personally I love it.  I look forward to hearing what people think of this track- you can let me know via the contact page here.


I am very excited to announce that we are expecting a baby just before Christmas.  Of course this means time off from the road for me and gives me the time to work on some new music.  Although I am known for my guitar playing/ singing I have always enjoyed working with programmed music too and have now got the time to get experimental with combining these with the bluesy sounds I usually work with.  I have been working on a track called 'Sniper Fire' which will be out later this summer as a single.  Its a blend of hip hop beats, samples and bluesy sounds and has been exciting song to put together and I will be very interested to see what people think of it.  I hesitate to say its something really 'new' as I am sure someone else has done something like this before, but if they have, I haven't heard it and to my ears this is fresh and exciting music.  


After a refreshing break I am now back behind the electric guitar and it feels good!  It feels like ages since my last band gig even though it is only a few months.  I am starting to plan more gig dates so, if you would like me to come to your town, don't forget to let me know.  


New news

So the gigging year is almost over for me and I am looking forward to spending the next few months concentrating on writing new material.  I was planning on recording this summer but with the new band line up I have decided to leave it until after we return from playing a big French festival next spring.

Only one more gig is left for me to play this year, at Ain't Nothin But in Soho, London and I am looking forward to that, its always a nice gig to do with a great vibe there.



Writing, writing, writing

Believe it or not, I have been working on the next album since just before Butterflies was released.  I am writing masses of new material and pushing my music in new directions.  I am back in the studio in June/July recording some rock songs, the acoustic songs are coming along nicely too.  Songwriting is very much my focus and writing over a cross section of feels and genres is so liberating.  As ever, I am loving every minute of what I do.